In this article I’d like to explore the idea of setting goals. I will map out 6 steps to setting goals. During the holiday season everyone has their eye on some goals for the New Year.

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1) What is the purpose of setting a Goal?

There must be an underlying reason for your goal. What do you want to achieve? No matter what it is, money, notoriety, weight loss, something physical like a house or maybe a psychological goal. Whatever it is, define what it is you want in detail. Be creative in your thinking. Think of all the possibilities why you want to attain this.

2) Be realistic when deciding what goals to set.

Make sure that your goals are attainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Goals are different dreams graphicthan dreams. It’s OK to dream about being a millionaire but set a goal that you can achieve now. Once this is realized you can set a higher goal. Achievable goals are stepping stones to fulfilling your dreams. Up up and away!

3) Plot out the steps needed to achieve your goals.

There will be many things to decide on how you will achieve these goals. Whether it be how many hours you will devote to achieving the goals to where you will have to be physically. Will you need money? Will you need physical help? Define a plan that will lead you to success. This will take some thought. It also helps to write down these thoughts so they don’t just fly away. This practice will help with your overall organizational skills also.

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4) Set your mind to a schedule.

Keep your steps in focus and commit yourself to following thru on what it is you want. It takes determination and patience to achieve almost anything. Writing out a daily schedule in the morning can help you get thru the tasks. Think of this as mini goal setting with the final prize always in focus. Achieving small goals will give you the confidence you need to continue.

5) Clear the way to achievement.

Look at everything around you. Try to identify what would be in the way of achieving your goals. Get a clear picture of how your goals will effect your daily routine. Decide how to arrange things so that your goals have priority. Find a way to work on your goals without distraction. This can be a goal in itself especially if you work from home. I try to take my work outside in the fresh air. I live near the water and it is very tranquil in the morning at the beach. I set up at a covered pavilion and let the water be my inspiration. Let it flow!

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6) Set a time limit.

Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete your goals. Again be realistic. Like I said earlier make it that your goal is achievable. Think about having setbacks and take that into consideration when you are setting a time limit. Remember that if you complete your goal early it will feel that much better.

Time to get after it.dart bulls eye

So I hope these 6 steps to setting goals have helped you. Goal setting is a practice that most all
successful people do whether they refer to it in that sense or not. When you complete a goal it feels like you just got a bulls eye.


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