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Social networking is an art in itself. There are many free social network sites out there like Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, Pinterset, Tumbler, LinkedIn, Empowr and even YouTube! These all can be used to promote your business no matter what it network icons
You need to create a following and use them on a regular basis. It is thefacebook splash same concept as blogging. Create valuable content and people will follow you. You can create a Fan page on Facebook in addition to your personal page and strictly promote your business. Here is some training on creating a Fan page:

On Twitter you make posts that are short and to the point. Try to be relevant to your business and create Hashtags like keywords. That way people searching for those terms will find your posts. Here’s some Twitter Training:twitter training screenshot

Google+, is an awesome platform and good posts will help you get ranked on Google search which is one of the best free advertising you can get. You have to work on it though. One of the things to do is using the url related to an article you want to promote and just like Facebook, Google+ will pull a wealthy-affiliate-logorelevant piece of media from your article. Then you say something relevant and catchy and post. There is more training on this available at Wealthy Affiliate. You can also create a business page on Google+ that will help drive traffic to your website. The more traffic the merrier I always say! Look at my business page

Pinterest is said to have the best platform for making sales from your website. You create boards and PIN a pic with a link to an article on your website. The platform allows you to create as many boards as you would like. The more the better, just try to keep them relevant. It’s OK to include some personal boards, that will add a personal touch and people will be more likely to follow you. If you follow the link you will see that my profile is named after my website in order to create traffic!screenshot pinterest profile

This all a little time consuming but if you are on a limited budget this is some of the best FREE marketing you can do. It will help build your brand and give you some authority in your niche. Invest some time and reap the cash. That sounds good to me! You must pay attention though because these sites can be rather addicting. So creating a schedule and trying to stick with it is the way to go. I know believe me. But remember you don’t gain a thing by doing nothing. If you want to be successful online these techniques can help you immensely.

Empowr is a relatively new social site that is a little different than the rest. The concept is the same. Socializing by posting and commenting. But there is an added marketplace where you can buy and sell things. Empowr is also a democracy owned by the users. It’s the only place that I have found that actually pays you to participate! I will give you $20 in your Empowr accountempowr-squarelogo just to try it. Click here to receive your bonus $20! You will be assigned a success coach to help you understand the platform and become profitable. Their goal is to have every member earning $25 a day. A great idea don’t you think! And you have input into the goings on also. Its a win win for everybody.

Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and join up and I will be your personal mentor to guide you thru the maze of website building, online marketing and social marketing! You can join WA for free to see if you like it and if you upgrade to premium you will receive other bonus’s also! Check it out

Keep in mind that there are many more free social network sites than I have mentioned. Start with a couple and when you get into the swing of things join some more. There are ways to automate the posting but that will be discussed in a future article here.

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8 thoughts on “Free Social Network Sites

  1. Bridget Sutton

    There is some really awesome advice in this post. I don’t have time right now to go through all of it but I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate – I am learning so much there.

    Empowr! Sounds great too – I am going to check that out today

  2. Brent

    Great post!! A Lot of valuable info!! Although I will say the jury is still out on Empowr for me. I am a member and have been for several months and not thinking that it is quite legit. Would love to talk about that through email if you would like. Maybe you can shed some insight for me on that.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I will get with you about empowr. Personally since I have only been there for 12 days it is still in the review stage for me and I will post a formal review after I get a better handle on it!
      Thanks again

  3. Ashley Ferguson

    Hi Dennis!
    I love your site! It’s so clean and organized! I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to mold me into that! Lol. Of course you may have opened a can of worms you weren’t wanting to. I haven’t even gotten into the email and mlm and all that yet!… are you ready?!…. lmbo!


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