I personally believe that email marketing is an essential part of internet marketing. That is why I want to share with you how to email marketing strategies. Email marketing is a broad subjectfish with megaphone and if you have a very large list of loyal subscribers you can market directly to them. But I want to address this to opt in email marketing to subscribers you have captured from your website.

This can be a powerful tool! What you want to do in this situation is create trust and loyalty with your subscribers. They were good enough to sign up, now it’s time to provide some quality interactive info. Ultimately your goal is to get them to come back to your site again and there is where they can click on your affiliate links. It’s a soft sell so to speak. Also if you gain their trust they may share your site with friends and relatives maybe even share your posts on the social networks they use. A great free way to create traffic. And God knows traffic is the key to success on the world wide web.

Here’s a great video training on opt in email marketing. Just click on the image to view!

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Some points I would like to make that are very important.

The Subject Line

Your subject line is crucial! This is where you make it or break it. You have to have a well thought out subject line. You want to entice the reader to open your mail. If they don”t open it, it doesn’t matter how good the content of the message is. A lot of beginners miss this point. Your subject line is like the headline of a news article. There are always ways to improve on this.

A couple free tools you can use are:

The subject line should be no longer than 60 characters. Mobile sites sometimes only use 30 characters so being compact and to the point is important. They should be no more than 6 words.
Spam is a huge problem and there are specific words that will trigger your mail to spam folders and no one will ever see it. A quick tip is to ask your readers to add you to their contact list or white list you to prevent this. Words like urgent, make money, $ signs, cash, opportunity, cheap, free, will all get you in spam land. Check out HubSpot Marketing they have the Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words. Look at them here.

The Body

The body of the mail should be short and to the point. Most readers will only spend a few seconds looking so get to the point right away! Write in your normal way. Be friendly. Remember you are trying to build trust and loyalty. If your readers consider you to be an expert they will come back again and again. In today’s fast paced world short sentences and short paragraphs are easier to comprehend, especially with the mobile explosion. Also leave a lot of white space. Double space between paragraphs and use short headlines like I am doing in this article. Images are a subject of dispute among marketers. Some believe they distract. I feel it spruces up the mail a little. People are so visual nowadays. Don’t overuse them, maybe one or two. An important one in my book is a pic of yourself by the signature line. It personalizes it and the reader feels like they are getting to know you. Remember that some email programs won’t load the photos so be sure that your text is the main focus.

The Signature Line

The signature line is extremely important . It should contain your name, first and last so they can relate to who you are. This is also important in creating your personal brand. Another tip is to include the URL of your website.


And finally the P.S.. This is where your CTA(call to action) should be. Don’t be shy! Be definite about what you want the reader to do! Do you want them to read a post? Go back to your site? Look at another site? Whatever it is TELL THEM!


The video above explains autoresponders perfectly so I will just be quick here. These are programs that can send your mail automatically. It’s called a campaign and can consist of 2 or more mails spreading out over a period of time. Just don’t send a bunch of mails one after another spread them out. I don’t like to mail my readers more than once a week. People are busy and more and more mindless mail gets in the way. You want them to expect your mail and want to read it. Not say, Oh another email sheesh!

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So all in all I hope that this how to email marketing article has helped you. Like I said in the beginning, in the grand scheme of things email is an important tool if used wisely!

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