Having a web page on the internet is a must for any entrepreneurs that want to grow an online business. It can also be something you want to do as a hobby to share your interests.


Whatever the reason I want to share the best web page builder I have found with you.

 Been There Done That

I have been around the internet since 1995 and have paid for websites and have used a bunch of different builders. For most of us we end up building websites for ourselves nowadays. I like having immediate control of the content and look. The builders have come a long way thru the years. Nowadays it’s point and click or drop and drag. Theoretically anyone can do it. You just have to get your creative juices going.

WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate

I have found that the WordPress editor is an efficient and easy tool to use. You can build a WordPress site for free in many places but having support and training is another thing. There is so much that goes on in the background that the better you get at it the more you want to know. I have found that using the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can get help with anything atscreenshot wealthy affiliate training any time. There is the world class support, the live chat with member experts and there is the WA training library and classroom questions.

SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate

SiteRubix is a great free builder companion that completes the WordPress building. I have found that at Wealthy Affiliate you can use SiteRubix for free and have 24 hr WordPress supportscreenshot siterubix and the support of a community for a minimal amount. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and see if you like it for seven days. You can remain a free member but after 7 days you lose the support and community unless you upgrade. Upgrading in Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer. Do it in the first seven days and your first month is only $19 after that it is $49 mo or $359 yearly. As a free member you can keep 2 free sites for life. As a premium member you can have 50 sites hosted for the same price.

Thru the Wealthy Affiliate website you access the SiteRubix manager and builder which then gets you into the actual WordPress editor. WordPress is the most versatile website platform in the world with thousands of themes to pick from and thousands of plugins available to customize your site however you would like. In case you don’t know a theme is the format and look of your site, the plugins are what run the various operations.





In SiteRubix for premium members you get a site email integration, Feedback and comments from other WA members, Domain searching and registration. Domains average $13.99 a year. The 24 hr WordPress support that can’t be beat. You can’t buy this anywhere else for what Wealthy Affiliate charges.


Website building has never been easier! Now you can create what you’ve always wanted to. Take your passion and drive it to your personal and financial freedom.

Go ahead and search for the domain name that will start your journey.


Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I will give you some special bonus’s!!!
For one I will be your 1 on 1 coach to help you thru!

I would love to hear your opinions or questions about SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate or WordPress. Leave a reply or comment or just email me at dennis@bestinternetwork.com


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