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Owner – Jeff Henderson

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Have you heard the hype about the new Mobile Sports app being developed called United Games. If so you have probably heard many rumors. What’s true and whats not? I’ve been trolling reviews and forums trying to find out just what it is all about. Some people are raving that it is going to be the next biggest thing. Outdoing all the game apps before it.  Is that possible? Its not due to launch until sometime in October. So we will have to wait and see.



Jeff Henderson is the owner and founder of United Games. He has a 22 year background at NuSkin. Natalyn Lewis is his sister-in-law and is over sales and marketing. Mark Mongie is leading the charge with the game design and has an EA Sports background. Ben Eggett is the CTO. Knowing this team has led to a lot of the speculation that it is an MLM.

Live Sports

We all know that live professional sports is a gigantic industry and people all over the world are engaged in it every day. There are 290 million American sports fans and there are no casual sports game apps in the top 25 grossing game apps, whether it be free or paid. The United Games app will be free to play.

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Company Focus

At the present time the company is focused on gettiing players as the app will  be released in October. Send me an email at with your cell phone number and email address and I will make sure you get an invitation. Here’s a video from the company.


From the owner

Back in  June the owner released a statement explaining the companies position, here it is:

To all United Games Affiliates,

I’m Jeff Henderson, Founder and CEO of United Games and I’m excited to be reaching out to you today. We’ve had an amazing first two weeks! As we partner with each of you as Affiliates, it becomes imperative that we all stay on the same page. As we rapidly become tens of thousands of voices, we must all share the same message.

This can be challenging, but we believe if we work together, and we all recognize how important this is for each of us, we will succeed.

Ensuring that we always represent the truth in every circumstance is of utmost importance to us as a company. We will actively communicate updates and changes with you directly so that you get your information “straight from the horse’s mouth” as they say.

So, let’s start with some basic facts that you need to know:

Who runs United Games?

United Games was founded by Jeff Henderson, a 22-year veteran and former Vice President at NuSkin International. United Games is run by a great founding partner team, including CCO and Game Designer Mark Mongie, CTO Ben Eggett, with Sales and Marketing oversight by Natalyn Lewis. We have an amazing team of programmers and designers, a great staff of customer support specialists, and a very experienced investor and advisory team. Our company is expanding every day as our corporate growth keeps with the phenomenal pace of our Affiliate team.

Is United Games about Fantasy Sports?

No. United Games is NOT a fantasy-style game and does not even compete with fantasy. We fully anticipate that people who love fantasy will still play fantasy. However, we also assume they will play our app because it is a completely different experience altogether. Our app is a unique sports experience, designed to enhance your enjoyment and interaction with sporting events in a live, social manner. It’s about being a fan and playing along with your team, your friends, and your favorite players, while at the same time opening up the world to come together on common ground around a passion for live, interactive sporting events. We are building a game that the everyday sports fan is going to love, that is not a “stats” experience but a “game” experience.

Since our game is not yet released, what can you tell others about it?
United Games has developed “the better way to play”, a mobile-based sports game system using it’s proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. The core of the mobile game is based upon analysing and predicting results across the full spectrum of events that occur within a live sporting event. Within the game players analyze the sporting event ahead-of-time and make certain predictions (called ‘picks’), and during the live event will make further real-time decisions using multimedia screens within the mobile game app, based on their grasp of the ebb and flow of the live sporting event. Making the correct pre-game and live real-time predictions provides fascinating competition for sports fans, where players of all experience levels may participate and receive loyalty rewards. This never-before-seen game mechanic is new to many people, and we understand that it may be hard to describe at first. In the next couple of months we will release bite-size videos that illustrate the flavor of gameplay,

We want the focus to be on players.


When will the game app be released? 

We will release the app in the fall of 2016.

What sports will the app support?

Upon initial release, the app will focus on the two U.S.-based sports leagues that coincide with the launch of our initial offering – MLS and NFL. Additional sports will be added incrementally over time, based on the availability of live data coming from the event. Our primary focus after our Beta launch will be the sports that have the largest global followings like soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, cricket, rugby, tennis and more. Our goal is to support the world’s most popular sports that will drive our game’s adoption and be embraced by Affiliates on every continent.


Can I use social media or online strategies to share?
Yes you can. However, you must not at any time appear to represent the company as an official spokesperson, or use any logos (or product and company founder biographical material) without permission. You also have to ensure that all information is 100% accurate and is not misleading in any way.

Has United Games signed agreements with the NFL to stream live clips?
No. United Games has not signed agreements with the NFL to stream live clips because that is not how this game is played nor is it part of the game. The game is meant to accompany live sporting events, enhancing your watching of your favorite sporting event, you would watch those events the same way you do today and play the app along with your viewing of that sporting event.

Talking about how the game is played…
It is really critical that you do not focus on, or set expectations to how the game is played. As an Affiliate, to maximize your results and make this the most exciting and well received app in history, we need you to build anticipation through accuracy. You must allow us to talk about those key things on corporate update calls, or use only corporate approved materials in the discussion. There is far too much speculation happening about what the app will and won’t do, and far too many rumors that just are not true. As we get closer to the release of the app, more and more of the app will be revealed to you. Therefore, please, unless you are quoting a member of our corporate staff, or describing information found in the Affiliate back office, don’t speculate on game play because we need to make sure that the correct expectations are set for the game, and we are counting on you our Affiliates to eliminate any inaccuracies that are being spread.

Who is Mark Mongie?
There have been various posts relating to Mark Mongie’s involvement with our game. We wish to ensure that Independent Affiliates provide potential players with the correct information. Mark is a former EA Sports employee and Senior Art Director who led a team of Art Directors and creative teams on several EA Sports franchises during the 2000’s, namely Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NASCAR, NFL Big, NFL Head Coach, and Superman Returns. Previously he was head of the art department for EAI, a game development studio producing games for Hasbro, Disney Interactive, Warner Brothers and other major game publishers. Just prior to founding United Games with Jeff Henderson our CEO and our leadership team, Mark produced gamified training solutions and mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Bridgestone and Deloitte. Mark is a critical part of the United Games product development strategy, and leads all game design efforts for our products.

Who is building our app?
We have a great team of developers and designers building our digital products, steered by the skill of two talented leaders: Mark Mongie CCO leading creative and game design, and Ben Eggett as the Chief Technical Officer leading the engineering side. Our software engineering team members have various backgrounds, some developing mobile apps, some programming databases, and others with a variety of interactive experience related to this space. We do not now, nor do we plan to, hire entire teams of developers from any of our competitors; primarily because we are building a whole new game format that is not aligned with any current games available on the market today. Our players will have a cutting edge experience developed by our amazing team!

Thank you for spreading the word…A Giant Is Emerging!

— Jeff Henderson

My Conclusion

After all my trolling around and reading and talking with sports minded people I conclude that this opportunity is worth a shot. It may not be for everybody but if your a sports fan or a game fan this is a real chance to cash in. For your Free invitation contact me at or leave a reply to this post with your cell phone and email address and I will send you an invitation. Yes that means I do stand behind my recommendation, I welcome comments or If you want an invite you can contact me at

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