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Wealthy Affilliate Review

Name – Wealthy Affiliate

Website –

Owners – Kyle and Carson

Price – 0$ Starter / $49 mo Premium

Overall Rating – 98 out of 100 (Legit)

Personal Review

Hi, I’m Dennis and would like to share an experience I had with a legitimate home job with you.

This review is based on my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I was again searching the internet for a legitimate opportunity. I spent hours and hours researching and reading. I joined several sites hoping they would be the one, only to be discouraged again. I spent money I didn’t have foolishly. But I learned and Knowledge is power. I came across review after review of Wealthy Affiliate and never found a bad one. I even searched scam review sites and never saw this program mentioned anywhere. So I decided to try it and was amazed! Read on and I will share what I found. Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my brand new page. If you have dropped by please excuse the “under construction  mode”.

I will be adding content as I go along.

For now check out my about me page and getting started.

This will all be about a journey to help both you and me to personal and financial freedom!

If you really want to see what it’s about read my review or click here to join now!


Dennis (Read About Me)