United Games – Real or Scam

Name – United Games

Website – www.unitedgames.com

Owner – Jeff Henderson

Cost – $0 for Players

Have you heard the hype about the new Mobile Sports app being developed called United Games. If so you have probably heard many rumors. What’s true and whats not? I’ve been trolling reviews and forums trying to find out just what it is all about. Some people are raving that it is going to be the next biggest thing. Outdoing all the game apps before it.  Is that possible? Its not due to launch until sometime in October. So we will have to wait and see.



Jeff Henderson is the owner and founder of United Games. He has a 22 year background at NuSkin. Natalyn Lewis is his sister-in-law and is over sales and marketing. Mark Mongie is leading the charge with the game design and has an EA Sports background. Ben Eggett is the CTO. Knowing this team has led to a lot of the speculation that it is an MLM.

Live Sports

We all know that live professional sports is a gigantic industry and people all over the world are engaged in it every day. There are 290 million American sports fans and there are no casual sports game apps in the top 25 grossing game apps, whether it be free or paid. The United Games app will be free to play.  There will be an Affiliate Program also. This is where people are skeptical. Mobile game apps create gigantic revenue.

mobile games stats

The affiliate program has the opportunity of going viral when launched. Because of this management is going to pause the signing up of new affiliates around the launch date. Some speculate that is because of the enormous response with over 200,000 already signed up.

How are you going to make money with a free app?

United Games Affiliates get paid in 3 primary ways.

1. Get paid every time someone you share the app with gets a token

When this FREE app is released, every Affiliate will have the ability to share it with others, inviting them to download and join in the fun. When they download the app from your invitation, they will now be linked to you. When players linked to you get a game token, you earn a commission.

Game tokens can be purchased one-at-a-time, in bundles, given FREE with our basic monthly subscription, or receiving free tokens by visiting sponsored advertisements.

2. Get paid when you invite others to play with you

When the app is released, you will have the opportunity to invite others to play with you. When you invite people to play, and they spend tokens on that game, you earn a commission.

3. Build an Affiliate team, and earn as they share and play

United Games offers a multi-tiered commission plan, allowing you to generate income through your own contacts, as well as creating a team of Affiliates that could have a global reach. Starting today until early fall 2016, you can strategically put your Affiliate team in place before this app is unleashed

Remember that being a player is free. The player is not obligated to buy anything if they just want to enjoy the game. From what I understand buying the tokens will allow them to participate in contests where they can win prizes such as Hats, tshirts, gift cards, travel and even a car. It sounds like it can be profitable and fun. Some of the plus points for an affiliate. Everyday fans are focused on “their” team and they havke low to zero interest in fantasy sports.

• They love live sports, not simulations

• Play other popular casual games

• The expanding female market

✓ Women are the fastest-growing segment’

✓ Control 85% of ALL consumer spending

✓ Control 92% of spending for minors

✓ Women play more mobile games than men (52%)

‘The affiliate pay structure is a unilevel structure that goes 9 levels deep as I understand it.


This is where skeptics are calling it an MLM or pyramid scam. What needs to be remembered is that an affiliate does not need to buy any package to qualify to get paid, does not need to recruit more affiliates, and only has to share the free app to give themselves an opportunity to make money. The United Games Marketing compensation plan is centered around app token acquisition and the players clicking on advertisements and such. Who knows? By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, you might find that joining UG is the best business decision you ever made.

Company Focus

At the present time the company is not focused on gettiing players as the app will not be released till October. Right now they are building strategic sales teams thru the affiliate network. The United Games opportunity is strictly invitation-only. You have to have an invitation code to join. You can get one from the person who told you about this. Send me an email at [email protected] with your cell phone number and email address and I will make sure you get an invitation. If you sign up as an affiliate now you will not be charged until the launch. If you decide you only want to be a player you can always change and not be charged. United games has built this in as an easy option to keep everything on the up and up. Here’s a video from the company.


From the owner

Back in  June the owner released a statement explaining the companies position, here it is:

To all United Games Affiliates,

I’m Jeff Henderson, Founder and CEO of United Games and I’m excited to be reaching out to you today. We’ve had an amazing first two weeks! As we partner with each of you as Affiliates, it becomes imperative that we all stay on the same page. As we rapidly become tens of thousands of voices, we must all share the same message.

This can be challenging, but we believe if we work together, and we all recognize how important this is for each of us, we will succeed.

Ensuring that we always represent the truth in every circumstance is of utmost importance to us as a company. We will actively communicate updates and changes with you directly so that you get your information “straight from the horse’s mouth” as they say.

So, let’s start with some basic facts that you need to know:

Who runs United Games?

United Games was founded by Jeff Henderson, a 22-year veteran and former Vice President at NuSkin International. United Games is run by a great founding partner team, including CCO and Game Designer Mark Mongie, CTO Ben Eggett, with Sales and Marketing oversight by Natalyn Lewis. We have an amazing team of programmers and designers, a great staff of customer support specialists, and a very experienced investor and advisory team. Our company is expanding every day as our corporate growth keeps with the phenomenal pace of our Affiliate team.

Is United Games about Fantasy Sports?

No. United Games is NOT a fantasy-style game and does not even compete with fantasy. We fully anticipate that people who love fantasy will still play fantasy. However, we also assume they will play our app because it is a completely different experience altogether. Our app is a unique sports experience, designed to enhance your enjoyment and interaction with sporting events in a live, social manner. It’s about being a fan and playing along with your team, your friends, and your favorite players, while at the same time opening up the world to come together on common ground around a passion for live, interactive sporting events. We are building a game that the everyday sports fan is going to love, that is not a “stats” experience but a “game” experience.

Since our game is not yet released, what can you tell others about it?
United Games has developed “the better way to play”, a mobile-based sports game system using it’s proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. The core of the mobile game is based upon analysing and predicting results across the full spectrum of events that occur within a live sporting event. Within the game players analyze the sporting event ahead-of-time and make certain predictions (called ‘picks’), and during the live event will make further real-time decisions using multimedia screens within the mobile game app, based on their grasp of the ebb and flow of the live sporting event. Making the correct pre-game and live real-time predictions provides fascinating competition for sports fans, where players of all experience levels may participate and receive loyalty rewards. This never-before-seen game mechanic is new to many people, and we understand that it may be hard to describe at first. In the next couple of months we will release bite-size videos that illustrate the flavor of gameplay, enhancing our Affiliates ability to communicate the game to future players.

Why is United Games all about Affiliates and not Players?
The truth is, we love our Affiliates and are excited to partner with you. However, make no mistake, we are about players – we are about giving Affiliates the ability to share this FREE app with others (players) and play along with them – and as that happens, Affiliates thereby earn a commission within the compensation plan located in the Affiliate back office. The reason we aren’t focused on players right now is because this amazing FREE live app isn’t ready to share! To maximize our reach we are counting on you our Affiliates to build anticipation through your sharing, creating these exciting distribution channels that will make this amazing app the most downloaded, in the shortest timeframe in history! Once the app releases, it is all about players. This is precisely why we don’t have large Affiliate starter kits and expensive monthly auto shipments. We want the focus to be on players.

Do I have to recruit other Affiliates?
Absolutely not. The commission plan is structured to pay you for sharing with players – that’s what we do! However, you might want to build some strategic partnerships so that you can expand the reach and impact you can have once the app goes live. For example: if you have 100 people that follow you on social media, each of those 100 would in turn have another 100 or more that don’t know you at all! If they were also sharing the app, that would expand your reach to not 100, but 100×100! That’s the idea behind building an Affiliate team. But please recognize, that if you have a strategy for sharing with players and you want to go for it and you don’t want a sales team to manage, under no circumstances are you required to have one!

Is United Games a Network Marketing company?

United Games is an Affiliate marketing company.

What are the differences between United Games and traditional Network Marketing?

Our goal with United Games is to be the better way to play. Not just the better way to play along live with your favorite team, but the better way to play in the world of business and entrepreneurship as well.

Network Marketing, by definition, is using a personal network of people to share a product. MLM, by definition, is generating income on multiple levels of people. So if you are going by the dictionary definition, then sure, we do both of those things.

However, the world’s perception of Network Marketing and what we do, are just not the same. The only similarity is that we allow you to build a team of Affiliates. This being said, the official company position is that we are an Affiliate marketing company.


Why is that?

1. We don’t require you to recruit other Affiliates to be paid.

2. We do not have a tangible product that you purchase every month.

3. We don’t have starter packages with big bonuses paid on the retail volume of those packages.

4. We don’t ask you to sell product, you only share a link to a FREE download of an app.

5. We have a commission plan where every single game that is played, you are paid on those who you invited to play, regardless of a “genealogy”.

6. We allow social and online sharing – and we encourage it, as long as it is done correctly and within appropriate guidelines.

Affiliate marketing is defined as individuals using the internet, text messaging, and social channels to share a link with someone that leads them to a website or an application. The Affiliate is then rewarded financially for customer acquisition when people click on that link and purchase. Some of the largest online buying platforms in the world leverage Affiliate marketing strategies, like amazon.com for example!

Why are we positioning ourselves as an Affiliate program instead of Network Marketing?

We are striving to create the better way for you to do business and that comes without the old and often times negative perceptions that are attached to Network Marketing.

This opportunity is so simple. Don’t complicate it. You share a FREE app with people and you invite them to play with you. That’s it! That level of simplicity, coupled with sports provides our Affiliates the opportunity to attract a wide range of people, many of which are very happy to participate in an Affiliate program, but would not participate in Network Marketing. Don’t create hurdles for yourself. We are different. We are the better way to play, in both sports and business. Leverage that by communicating our position properly. We are an Affiliate marketing company.

When will the game app be released?
We will release the app in the fall of 2016.

What sports will the app support?

Upon initial release, the app will focus on the two U.S.-based sports leagues that coincide with the launch of our initial offering – MLS and NFL. Additional sports will be added incrementally over time, based on the availability of live data coming from the event. Our primary focus after our Beta launch will be the sports that have the largest global followings like soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, cricket, rugby, tennis and more. Our goal is to support the world’s most popular sports that will drive our game’s adoption and be embraced by Affiliates on every continent.

The app and the Affiliate marketing portion of the company are two very different things.

As you talk about United Games, be sure to realize that the app itself is not an Affiliate marketing company. The app is a sports game. That’s it. United Games has an Affiliate marketing strategy where we allow Affiliates to share the app – and then be paid for that!

Can I use social media or online strategies to share?
Yes you can. However, you must not at any time appear to represent the company as an official spokesperson, or use any logos (or product and company founder biographical material) without permission. You also have to ensure that all information is 100% accurate and is not misleading in any way. United Games provides a marketing kit and style guide that will help you to easily adhere to the Affiliate rules.

Has United Games signed agreements with the NFL to stream live clips?
No. United Games has not signed agreements with the NFL to stream live clips because that is not how this game is played nor is it part of the game. The game is meant to accompany live sporting events, enhancing your watching of your favorite sporting event, you would watch those events the same way you do today and play the app along with your viewing of that sporting event.

Talking about how the game is played…
It is really critical that you do not focus on, or set expectations to how the game is played. As an Affiliate, to maximize your results and make this the most exciting and well received app in history, we need you to build anticipation through accuracy. You must allow us to talk about those key things on corporate update calls, or use only corporate approved materials in the discussion. There is far too much speculation happening about what the app will and won’t do, and far too many rumors that just are not true. As we get closer to the release of the app, more and more of the app will be revealed to you. Therefore, please, unless you are quoting a member of our corporate staff, or describing information found in the Affiliate back office, don’t speculate on game play because we need to make sure that the correct expectations are set for the game, and we are counting on you our Affiliates to eliminate any inaccuracies that are being spread.

Who is Mark Mongie?
There have been various posts relating to Mark Mongie’s involvement with our game. We wish to ensure that Independent Affiliates provide potential players with the correct information. Mark is a former EA Sports employee and Senior Art Director who led a team of Art Directors and creative teams on several EA Sports franchises during the 2000’s, namely Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NASCAR, NFL Big, NFL Head Coach, and Superman Returns. Previously he was head of the art department for EAI, a game development studio producing games for Hasbro, Disney Interactive, Warner Brothers and other major game publishers. Just prior to founding United Games with Jeff Henderson our CEO and our leadership team, Mark produced gamified training solutions and mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Bridgestone and Deloitte. Mark is a critical part of the United Games product development strategy, and leads all game design efforts for our products.

Who is building our app?
We have a great team of developers and designers building our digital products, steered by the skill of two talented leaders: Mark Mongie CCO leading creative and game design, and Ben Eggett as the Chief Technical Officer leading the engineering side. Our software engineering team members have various backgrounds, some developing mobile apps, some programming databases, and others with a variety of interactive experience related to this space. We do not now, nor do we plan to, hire entire teams of developers from any of our competitors; primarily because we are building a whole new game format that is not aligned with any current games available on the market today. Our players will have a cutting edge experience developed by our amazing team!

The reality of your United Games Affiliate opportunity is so great, there is no need to share anything but the facts. Keep it great by sharing only those documented facts.

Thank you for spreading the word…A Giant Is Emerging!

— Jeff Henderson

My Conclusion

After all my trolling around and reading and talking with sports minded people I conclude that this opportunity is worth a shot. It may not be for everybody but if your a sports fan or a game fan this is a real chance to cash in. For your Free invitation contact me at [email protected] or leave a reply to this post with your cell phone and email address and I will send you an invitation. Yes that means I do stand behind my recommendation, I am signed up as an affiliate.


I welcome comments or If you want an invite you can contact me at [email protected]

your friend



33 thoughts on “United Games – Real or Scam

  1. TBonki

    An interesting review, I hadn’t heard of United Games before now. It sounds like a good (legit) way to get money online, and one I will definitely look into.
    I don’t really follow sports, but I do follow gaming so maybe this is a good app for me. I like that you don’t have to recruit other affiliates to get paid as well.
    Thanks for the review,
    – TBonki

    1. admin

      Yes it does sound legit. I am excited about it going viral. There are some naysayers out there but I don’t think they are giving it a chance. Remember it is invitation only so get back to me if you want an invite code. And remember it is free until the launch so if you decided you wanted out you can cancel or switch to free player!


  2. Emma

    A very comprehensive article about an app. It’s interesting to see that you can actually make money from these gaming apps.

    How would there multi-tiered commission plan work though? – To me it does look like a disguised version of Multi level marketing though.

    However I think it will probably be a great hit to those that follow the game

    1. admin

      Hi, thanks for stopping by, Isn’t it amazing that you can make money from something that’s given away free? This is the way with all the FREE games out there. Profits come from in game purchases of tokens and advertisements. Players are enticed to make purchases as there are contests and prizes. Affiliates will also be able to share in the advertising revenue by players clicking on ads. The structure is a unilevel tier system and does resemble an MLM. But keep in mind there is no big package to buy to qualify and no need to recruit other affiliates.You can profit just by sharing the game. The big plus is the giant market and the chance that it will go viral. People love games and it is easy to share free stuff. Affiliates are protected by it being invitation only. So I do believe it is worth giving it a try. Signing as an affiliate now saves $10(the charge goes from 29.99 to 39.99 on Sept 15) and will not be charged to your card till the launch in Oct so there is time to evaluate your position and you could cancel altogether or switch to being a free player and avoid the charges altogether. I hope this helps


  3. Scott

    Really nice website. Very well organized. Very informative. I had never heard of United Games before. Your article on them is very extensive. You must have done a lot of research. Also, I like the pictures and graphics. It gives people a lot to look at. Ive toured almost the whole site. You have a ton of information here. I have to add that I am relatively new at WA having gone “Premium” at the end of June, 2016. I love the atmosphere here and the constant availability of help and support. With hundreds of lessons, blogs, and video tutorials, there is a wealth of knowledge here that surpasses anything else I’ve seen for beginners on the internet. The fact that the small monthly fee includes all of this as well as website hosting is in my mind nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!! I am committed to stick with this as I see working at home on your own schedule and making a scaleable income, to be the wave of the future. Keep producing great content and the sky’s the limit. Best of luck to you in this endeavor!

    1. admin

      Thanks Scott, I appreciate all the kind words. It is a lot of research and work but I love it. I am my own boss, work when I want to and have great support here at WA. It’s funny I did a lot of my research for the United Games review in sports bars heheh. The response was unbelievable at these places. Some had heard about it and were already affiliates but after seeing the enthusiasm for something that wasn’t even launched and having picked up a dozen or so prospects in a couple days I decided to sign up as an affiliate even before I finished the review. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If ya want an invite get back to me.

      Doin the Take Action thing!


  4. Mei

    Wow, I wasn’t aware that you could make money through affiliating in games!

    This is the first time that I have heard of United Games, and it’s affiliation plan. Though I am a bit confused, when it says $29.99 + $9.99mo, is the $29.99 a one time fee? And when game tokens are received for free, do you still receive a commission?

    1. admin

      Thanks for showing some interest. Yeah its great, being able to share a free game and get paid. It is still early and I will update a review after the launch in Oct.Yes the $29.99 is one time and will be going up to $39.99 on Sept 15, The $9.99 is a technology fee charged every month. The gaming token must be bought for .99 to $1.50 depending on how you buy them, one at a time or in a bundle. I think, don’t quote me, but I think you can win tokens also. That is probably the only way to get a free token and I believe that when a player uses tokens the affiliate gets paid as well as when they buy them but these are some of the things that are not set in stone as the company has said there may be changes in the compensation plan. that is why if you sign up you will not be charged till the launch so you can always back out completely or change to free player and not be charged at all. Its invitation only so get back to me!

      Take Action Now


  5. Rosa Nunez


    I don’t usually get into sports but the idea of making money from game apps sounds like making easy money. I mean, people play games all the time. I can see the possibility with this by being an affiliate because you share to others to download the app for free, people like free stuff. Very interesting. Good post.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      thanks for the response
      I think its a great idea. It will be the first of it’s kind and has the possibility of going viral and creating substantial residual income for just sharing a free app. I will be updating the review after the launch so stay tuned!
      Takin Action

  6. Anh Nguyen

    United Games sounds like a pretty fun way to make money online, and from their system, I can tell it’s pretty close to an MLM.

    What I wonder is how can they actually support this free to play app as well as the affiliates at the same time?

    As you said, for all new products, we’ll have to wait and see.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. admin

      It does sound like fun doesn’t it. There are some major advertising that will be involved for revenue and the purchase game tokens all will help pave the financial way. There are also some major sponsors who haven’t been revealed yet. what sets it apart from the MLM model is you don’t have to recruit to make money. As an affiliate just share the app. Cool beans! I personally feel its worth a shot. A small investment. the 29.99 goes to 39.99 sept 15 but still your card will not be charged till the launch of the app. so you can try to position yourself now and always back out or change to free player before your card is charged. email me if you want an invite at dennis@bestinternet work.com

  7. Jules

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your very thorough review. This is actually the second time I have heard of United Games and their October launch. I didn’t sign up the first time though as I didn’t feel I could get enough information from the company’s website.

    For me, transparency is key, and for me, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. Maybe you can shed some light.

    – why is there a fee for affiliates? This is out of keeping with most affiliate programs that I know of.
    – why will this fee be rising on September 15, before the app is even supposed to launch? This sounds like scarcity marketing to me.
    – why can’t I sign up as an affiliate directly to the company? It seems strange to me that I have to go through another affiliate, especially when team building isn’t a necessary component.
    – when will the non-US sports be rolled out? I’m from the UK so soccer, cricket, rugby and tennis would have more appeal to my market.

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions, Dennis. Your review is actually more thorough and gives more information than the United Games website, but for me, there are still alarm bells ringing. Still, I may be kicking myself soon when it all pans out for the good. I look forward to your update and wish you every success.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thanks for coming back and asking some pertinent questions, Some of these I do not have an answer for and we all have been asking. First off this is not the first affiliate program that I have seen that charges a up front fee. I believe this is to offset their cost of creating the technology. The $39.99 was announced back in June and then an incentive to sign up early at $29.99 was given. That would be for people willing to take the early chance. After Sept 15 it will be the originally said fee of $39.99. I hope when they launch the international games that they will offer the same to you guys but time will only tell. Like any launch they are being a little secretive about the whole thing. I have heard from other affiliates that there is going to be what they call a “pause” in the signing up of new affiliates due to the amount that have already signed up. Unofficially there is a rumor that it will remain closed till other markets are open. There has been over 200,000 so far and yesterday I saw an unofficial report that the total of affiliates and players was up to over 900,000. That is staggering prelaunch. You can”t sign up directly with the company due to the compensation model that they have set up. This was setup that way in order to give incentive to those early sign ups. It does have the look of an mlm but only in the way payments are structured. What that does is create a sales force in the beginning willing to take the plunge. The investment is minimal but the rewards can be amazing with this structure if the game goes viral. Like Mark Twain said “Why not crawl out on the limb that’s where the fruit is”. So there are a lot of things that we all are not sure of yet. They will all be revealed before the launch which is in October. I do know of 2 international sign ups already from Japan as they are into the US baseball which is supposed to be part of the original launch hopefully right around the World Series time. Japanese gamers are addicted to playing any games so there is a lot of excitement for that market. I also understand there is a limited market for American Football in Europe so I am sure there have been sign ups there also. I will post updates on my blog as to my experience so keep an eye out. Bookmark me heheheh
      I hope this all helps you understand better,

      1. Jules

        Cheers Dennis,

        That does help a lot and I’m very grateful to you for getting back to me. I will keep an eye out and look forward to your updates, and if, at a later stage – when the European sports come on board – I’m still able to join up with your team then I’d be happy to do so.

        1. Dennis Darragh Post author

          Sounds great I would love to have you aboard. I have had several International inquiries. I am going to keep your email address and when the announcement comes I will shoot you a notice right away. Its exciting and during Football games on tv today I had people calling me to see if I knew more about the launch, lots of excitement!

  8. Nadine

    I haven’t heard about United Games until I came across to your post. Now I can say that I know almost everything about it, thanks to your detailed and well-researched article. It looks like it’s funny and easy way to earn some cash. But the only think I didn’t understand is, as an affiliate you pay the amount of 29.99$ or 39.99$ once, or every month ?

    1. admin

      Nadine , Thanks for the response. It sure does look to be a great opportunity. The company plans to expand into the international sports market making it a world wide game. The $29.99 goes up to $39.99 on Sept 15. It is a one time fee and will not be charged till the launch of the program. There will be a $9.99 monthly fee. Bookmark this page and watch for the international launch!



  9. NemiraB

    hello, Denis. I see that you offer the app for people you like sports and want to widen their experience.
    Fans who can not live without their favorite teams they will jump to this opportunity.
    People like to spend time doing and performing what gives for them excitement and pleasure.
    I guess that in this way United Games players can expand their involvement in sports virtually.
    I like that nobody forces you to buy something. Everything is voluntary. It is a good thing.
    Thanks for the information, all the best, Nemira.

    1. admin

      Yes I agree with you. This is going to be “a better way to play” Sounds like you got the jist of the thing so if you have any interest feel free to contact me!

  10. Patrick

    Very interesting, getting credited for app usage through a downline is something I have been waiting to happen. I have played PokeMon GO and can see how this would earn quite the sum. With the winter drawing closer, the number of players will go down up until I’m guessing the next update. Super cool for game fans that do not wish to partake in sports subject matter but can do gaming as well.

    1. admin

      Thanks for reading Patrick, Yeah this seems like it’s going to be fun as well as profitable! Shoot me your cell phone and email address at and I will send you an invite. Its free right now even for affiliates till the game launches. you have to give cc but no charge till the launch. It should be great! If you start as an affiliate you can change to free player any time! Its gonna be “THE BETTER WAY TO PLAY”

      THANKS, take action to succeed,


  11. James Harvey

    This is a great review. I have never heard of this before. But I’m all for trying new things. I’m also a sports fanatic. So I will like to know more about this game and how it works. Is there anyway I can speak to you personally? Other than this comments area?

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Yes this sounds like a great opportunity. Just send me an email at with your email address and cell phone number and I will send you a text and email with an invite and my contact info and you can check it out and call me if you want!




  12. Andrew

    This is a really thorough review! It looks like it could be a really good and legit way to make money online! also with the multi-tiered commission plan, it’s more easier to build on though layer and layer. but is it anyone under you in those layers get a token, and you get some commission too, sorry I’m just a little bit confused! Thanks! And I will definitely check the app out!

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes anyone infinitely down whether player or affiliate you will get a commission if they buy and use tokens or click on advertising. It is going to be great. Just share the app, Players will always be free. Send me your cell phone and email at and i will send you an invitation!

      Take Action


  13. Kevin Lim

    Great review. I haven’t heard of United Games before. It seems like a legit way to earn money online and I will definitely look into it. I do play lots of games and always wonder how to earn money with it. Any ideas how much do we get for each affiliate we get? Thank you for reviewing this.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Hi Kevin, It does seem like a legit and fun way to earn. You don”t make anything by recruiting another affiliate per say but on what they buy and play in tokens and of course who they share the game with. The focus will be on the use of tokens and advertising revenue. Recruiting affiliates will increase the amount of compensation from across the board. Sharing with players also will increase compensation in the same way. So you can see the real focus after the launch will be on sharing the free app. International play will come onto the scene soon. to get an invite send me your cell phone number and email address to .



    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Yes it is. The FTC is concerned with consumer fraud and as of yet UG has not charged anybody with any fees. here is a quote from their frequently asked questions section which has had the question asked many times.
      The FTC oversees consumer protection and fraud. United Games is not charging Affiliates any fees until the app is launched so there are not any regulations being violated.
      Are there any other concerns that I can help with? The owners are doing everything possible to make sure they are compliant and provide a profitable and fun experience!
      For an affiliate or free player invite Reply with cell phone number or text your name to 7275340275.
      thanks for your interest


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