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Searching for legitimate home jobs can be stressful and disappointing to say the least. Just using that as a search term reveals about 4,530,000 results. How can you possibly decide what to look at.

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Sifting thru this mass of information is mind boggling. Most people have no idea what they want to do either. They drift thru the information becoming more and more confused along the way. There are some specific jobs that some people are qualified for but for the most part the person looking for this kind of work just doesn’t have a specific direction. Who do you believe? Everyone is calling themselves an expert as you read on. Then you can get caught up in the “get rich quick schemes”. Beware! It is very very rare that someone gets rich overnight. Personally I know that dedication and determination is the way to succeed. So how do you choose what direction to take your dedication and determination in? If you are one of those people who have already decided on your career, you just want to work remotely, you are ahead of the game. If not the possibilities are endless. You can do anything from assembling products(research carefully) to affiliate marketing (see a review). This is where it gets tricky. A lot of sites you will see want you to pay upfront before you can really see what it is (bad idea). I have even seen places wanting an application fee. Stay away from them.


I want you to notice that I titled this “Legitimate Home Jobs”. The word job for me is synonymous with work. To me work is what you have to do to get ahead. A job is not always one where you have to work for someone else. I have seen some people when asked what their job is answer, homemaker or stay at home Dad. These positions are important and require work. These people must have had a passion and desire to do this. Anyone can turn their passions into a job. In today’s world the biggest market for anything is the Internet. People are creating new and exciting lifestyles by leveraging the power of the internet. Your “job” could be creating your own business. What could be more legitimate than working for yourself. Having your wealth accumulate due to your own effort.


Believe me there is nothing more rewarding than creating something of your own. Passion and creativity are the sparks that make the fire of life! I’m talking about building a business of your own. One that will give you personal and financial freedom. Personal freedom to work when you want to and spend leisure time when you want to. To allow yourself the financial freedom to provide the things you always want. Sounds good doesn’t it! It doesn’t come easy. It won’t happen overnight but you can make it happen! This is a real home job!


You’re probably thinking, that’s all well and good but I’m not smart enough to run my own business and what would it be? I can help you. There is a way that I have found that is a truly legitimate home job. Its called affiliate marketing. There is no need to have your own product. All you need is a website, your passion and the proper training on how to promote it. I have looked for years for an opportunity like this. And now you can cash in on it! Just think of something you are passionate about and there is a way you can transform that passion into a legitimate home job, a business of your own. See my review.

Don’t get me wrong there are legitimate home jobs out there where you can work for somebody else. Many large companies are outsourcing positions remotely. Here’s just one of the many I looked at on google

50+ Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities – Single Moms …
Mar 27, 2016 – I know it can be really hard to separate the real work from home opportunities from the scams, so I’ve done the work for you. … Here are more than 50 legitimate work from home job opportunities. … Here are a few places you can look for work from home customer service representative …

I spent some time on this site and a few others to see what they they were offering and found that there was a lot of opportunities there. There was also a lot of the same old stuff, but it was interesting anyway. It did prove that you can work for somebody else at home.
Companies are doing this because it saves them money. Most of the time you will have to own and maintain your own equipment. This saves them money, costs you. There are extremely simple savings for the employer like needing less space, heating or cooling less space and on and on. All these costs are transferred to you the employee. So in essence you are trading your freedom from the workplace for costs of working at home. Does that make any sense? Pay more to work? A lot of times the companies will change you to independent contractor status. People sometimes feel they are making more money. Just remember you have to pay taxes at the end of the year. So in essence you will be running your own business but taking orders from someone else. So why not unleash yourself and start your own business based on your own ideas and passions.

If you can think it you can create it! woman-1148923_640

Sure it’s going to take some sacrifice in the beginning. The biggest thing you will have to sacrifice is time. Remember a new business will not be profitable right off the bat but with time invested now you will  reap benefits in the future. Managing your time will be the challenge. I gave up some TV time which was tough because I love TV and it relaxes me. I also tried to get up earlier and spend and hour on my business before I started my normal day. I found it to be easy as I was working toward a goal that I had for personal and financial independence. I got excited and immersed my self in learning all the things I needed for my new business. I recommend doing some research on your own but if you want my qualified opinion check out a review I wrote (click here) on a site that has everything you need to get going, from website building and hosting to promotion with all the training you will ever need!

Thanks for reading her and if you have any questions shoot me an email at [email protected] or just click on the replies at the top of the post and  leave a comment below.

your friend, Dennis

6 thoughts on “Legitimate Home Jobs

  1. Michael

    I am very interested in the opportunity you have mentioned. It is great to find reliable sources out there. How long will it take for Mr to start making money with this?

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      I believe you meant me there, hehe but the answer is it is all up to you. Wealthy Affiliate provides the training and tools you need. You must work at it and success will come. It is all relevant. Remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme and everyone involved will tell you it takes some work and dedication to be successful. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is always there and behind you every step of the way!

  2. Anthony

    As someone always on the look out for great opportunities to work from home, I’m glad I came across your article. I must say though, that many websites that I have come across are scams just intent on taking our hard-earned money. Do you find this when your are searching? I noticed that you mention Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard of this website many times in the past, all good things, too.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Hi Tony, Yes I have found many scams out here and unfortunately have fell for too many of them so I have a first hand experience. I have been blessed to find Wealthy Affiliate and believe it to be a truly worthy place tio set up your online business journey. AS you said if you look around you can’t find anyone saying anything bad about it!
      your friend

  3. Keldyn Francis

    Hi Dennis, You have a great article on legitimate home jobs. It is a total minefield these days and I hate seeing people lose money to ‘get rich quick schemes’ and ‘scams’. What would you recommend for somebody that does not really like writing?

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      THANKS Keldyn, Buyer Beware is the mantra for opportunity seekers on the web nowadays. I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is an honest community devoted to helping people be successful. They have many resources to help with writing. Here is just one,
      If you really can”t stand writing consider outsourcing it.
      your friend


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