What is Affiliate Marketing Online about?

There are so many questions out there about Affiliate Marketing out there.  I will try to explain what it is and answer some of the questions.


Some of The questions!

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing online about?
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing Online?
  3. What is Affiliate Marketing Training?
  4. What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
  5. What are the best Affiliate Marketing programs?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start your online business. What you need is a website and a passion. Turn your Passion into a business. Create a “Niche” around your passion. The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t have to have a physical product. You leverage other peoples products by joining their networks and selling their products on your website. With it being your own business you get set your own hours and you have the ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can use a mobile hotspot and work at the beach if you want. Out in the park, anywhere. Doing this online lets you leverage the power of the internet! Don’t get me wrong it is not a get rich quick scheme but a viable way to make money online that anyone can learn.


Use yours skills!

Whatever it is you are good at there is a place in Affiliate Marketing for you. Whether you are a sales guy or a marketing person or maybe a website builder you can succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Elaborate on those skills by getting some training. You have probably been trading those skills for a paycheck and no personal reward. Most of us work hard at making other people wealthy. This would be your chance to branch out on your own and create a future full of personal freedom and wealth. The sky is the limit. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. You just need to get started. Take a look at my  “Getting Started” page.

Is the training hard?

The training is easy. There are all types of people who have succeeded, High school dropouts to MBA’s have taken training at their own pace and been equally successful. What you want to look for in Training is that you get support.The ability to interact with professionals and have questions answered fast and accurately. There are many programs out there that can help. You must beimage careful when choosing that you don’t get scammed. Read reviews and make a knowledgeable decision. I searched for years and spent money on training that turned out to be bogus. No one to answer my questions and if they were their it took forever or I got mumble jumble. Here is one review you can look at. It is an all inclusive program That has everything you need to succeed. Its also Free to start. You can”t beat that.

After you get started you. you can pick who you would like to promote. There are individual companies with affiliate programs you can use or even big companies that provide all kinds of services and products. Amazon, Walmart, Commission Junction, JVzoo, Flexoffers and the list goes on. If you have picked a targeted “Niche” just search for affiliate programs + your niche and you can find who is offering what. Remember it takes time and dedication to get noticed on the internet and make that first sale!


Your Business!

Keep in mind that this is your business. Affiliate Marketing can be very rewarding when given the passion and dedication that you would put into any other. The difference is the investment is minimal, you don’t have to buy products. Your time is your time, I work when I want to. I am not a morning person so you can find me on the laptop late at night. I used to sit around and watch tv. I cut some of that out and now I am creating my own income. Much better use of my time. There are even advanced ways to automate some of the work which I will not get into right now.


So now do you understand what this is all about? Affiliate marketing can be the easiest strategy to get an online business going that has long term residual income. The thing to remember is that it is all dependent on your effort. I have not found a get rich quick scheme that works. The old adage “if it looks to be too good to be true it probably isn’t” applies. Not having to have your own product and being able to work from anywhere are the major pros about this business. There are many training sites out there but the one I recommend you can check out in my review.  Its free to start and you can test drive all the premium features for seven days before you make a decision to buy anything. And you can have the limited free access with 2 free websites forever. I hope this gives you a little insight.

If not ask me a question by leaving a reply or send me an email at [email protected]. I will always try to help. Success is a mindset!


Thanks for reading and Good luck,

Dennis (Read about me)





4 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing Online about?

  1. Jim Sullivan

    You have a great site.Very easy to read and the content is outstanding.That may be the best W.A. review that I have seen. How long have you been doing this?
    I have bookmarked you site so I can come back and learn some tricks from you.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the compliment. I have been at WA less than 3 weeks but have already got some referrals so I am very happy with the platform. I have been around the internet since 1995 and have some writing experience. WA provides everting you need in one spot so it is great!
      cya around

  2. tim thompson

    Nice introduction to Affiliate Marketing. Have Pocketed your site and look forward to some great blog posts from you


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