This is a brand new opportunity I came across. I am writing this Ads.Cash review to try and clear up some of the misconceptions that are out there!

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This is NOT or or adcash doubler! It is Ads.Cash review screenshotNot one thing was returned about in a search today about Ads.Cash!

I know that this is a confusing point. Many of the people I shared this with came back with comments about these other company’s so I wanted to share with you what I know.
This is a free opportunity in the pre-launch phase. One friend even responded that he was in the middle of buying a bridge so……. I had to laugh at that one. I have been around long enough to sniff out an actual scam and I don’t believe this is one of them. Time will tell!

Less than 30 days till Launch!  as of 5/25/17 coins have been available thru the platform. The launch price was .025 per coin and now in a months time it has risen to .049 essentially doubling it’s value!
Yes yes the naysayers are saying it is a scam because the coin is not traded on an exchange so has no real value. Duh , where are these people coming from? No cryptocoin has ever been on an exchange at launch. I repeat,NO cryptocurrency launched on an exchange. Value must be created. Historically, mining was how they created the initial value. Then people started to buy the coins and use them. In the first exchanges you could only get Bitcoin. As other coins emerge they must prove their value before an exchange will pick them up. At we are investing in the coins and creating more value faster by buying them. Then when mining opens up it will be a short hop to the exchange. Typically this would be 6 to 18 months depending on the movement of the coins value.
When merchants start accepting the coin as payment the sky will be the limit and then the value will be market driven. Your highest value will probably take 3 years to realize but if you invested look at where you would be say at $25 or DREAM BIG what if it hits $1000.   Click here to Look at this spreadsheet!

Yes this is what dreams are made of!

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This is the launch of the worlds most secure cryptocurrency. The way cryptocurrency is valued depends on the use of the coins, the amount of mining going on and how fast and also the trading or selling of the coins! There is no way for us to tell how this will all evolve and how quick it will be. When Bitcoin was introduced everyone thought it was a scam but now it is becoming a benchmark currency in the financial world. Keep in mind there is a finite number of coins! 168150937.5 coins, wow. According to the website “Number of years in which Adscash will be mined 3 Years”

Right now you can get 100 coins for free and even if you do nothing they will be worth more than 0. At this time they are valued at 2.5 cents, so your 100 coins is worth $2.50 . If you remember your crypto currency history, bitcoin went up thousands of percent in the first days!

Ads.Cash has a bigger backing and the most secure block chain platform in the world.

If you are tech or crypto savvy you will understand this

Quoting their website ~~~~ “After Bitcoin, Ethereum is mined the most that uses decentralised platform, with smart contract features and is the most secure cryptocurrency that is trusted throughout the world. Using Ethereum, you can create a contract that will hold a contributor’s money until any given date or goal is reached. Depending on the outcome, the funds will either be released to the project owners or safely returned back to the contributors. All of this is possible without requiring a centralized arbitrator, clearing house or having to trust anyone. Ethereum has a broader base to build on and a broader market to enter, as it isn’t locked to being a value transfer ledger.
Ethereum uses ethash instead of sha-256, which means that individuals can compete in mining it (Ethash is memory hard meaning it needs memory to run, which in turn means it works more efficiently on a GPU ) whilst Bitcoin has ASIC chips that have led to a moore’s law race and concentrated mining power!
An example…Fake banks in China scams and duped $32 million from customers. -The Telegraph 23 Jan 2015 edition

Cryptocurrency replaces the need of human trust via self enforcing smart contracts. AdsCash cryptocurrency using blockchain and smart contract features, is exclusively created for AdsWorld which is transparent,secure and safe against hacking, attacks and fraudulent activities. ”

What it all means is that this is the most trusted and secure platform yet!

Smart Contracts

Customer will make the agreement with the advertiser using smart contract there’s no need to rely on a broker, lawyer or other intermediaries to confirm. Using smart contracts, consumer’s money will be released to the advertising company only when they starts delivering results, so there is no chance of any loss. This is a truly innovative business move!

I know the whole concept is about online advertising and that will the main focus of the coins use. It relates to Digital advertising which is quickly overcoming TV as the most used ad platform in the world.

The Ads.Cash White Paper as text can be accessed here with this link!
It explains the whole thing, if you still have questions get with me!

But you say ” I don’t use online advertising? How can I make money?”

Just owning the coins in the beginning your value will rise as the use continues to grow! It could be a long term investment that way. Imagine if you got in bitcoin the first years! You can build a team under you and earn from their activities or you can mine the coins which will probably be the most effective way to profit at the opening. Those who get the most coins will profit the most! The number of years in which Adscash will be mined is 3 Years.

Adscash Foundation

A Non Profit entity for maintaining and improving the AdsCash protocol . They have already pre-mined 3 million coins to get the block chain going. The trading and mining platform is Ethereum and several other formula’s come into play like the

  • Algorithm for Hashing Dagger-Hashimoto
  • Algorithm Proof Of Work (PoW)

If you know what those are you are way ahead of me!

So what this all boils down to is YOU CAN’T LOSE ANYTHING BY GETTING THE FREE COINS!! You can only profit. How much time will tell. Those who take action on these opportunities are the ones who profit the most! Mark Twain said one time “Why not go out on the limb, that’s where the fruit is” Waiting to see what happens will insure that you don’t make any great gains. Another old saying is “He who hesitates, loses”. Not sure who said that but he was a smart guy!

UPDATE 03/09/2017

I have been with for about two weeks and am learning more and more every day! The Pre-Launch phase is always a sticky one with bugs in the platform and and no clear compensation plan. All that is coming. For now share all you can as the Launch is approaching! The bigger your team is the better chance at getting the long term residual cash. This is a matrix and to make money in the matrix you have to participate. The sooner the better. Keep in mind though that this is a start up. This is not a guaranteed thing. Nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes, as my Dad would say back in the 60’s. God bless him!

I’ve done a little virtual tour in the back office if you would like to see it and I go over a few important things in my Ads.Cash Video Review!

I also created a Gains sheet if you would like to dream about what could be possible with a small investment : ADS,CASH GAINS CALCULATOR. These kind of gains happened before and history will repeat itself with this opportunity.

What I am trying to accomplish with this Ads.Cash review is to steer you away from the confusing information on the search engine and let you know that “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” A quote from Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt! And it rings true!

TAKE ACTION and get in while the gettin is FREE!!!!!! I did!

Join my team!

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