Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name – Wealthy Affiliate
Website – www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Owners – Kyle and Carson
Price – 0$ Starter / $49 mo Premium
Overall Rating – 98 out of 100 (Legit)

Personal Review

Hi, I’m Dennis and would like to share an experience I am having with a legitimate home job with you.

This Wealthy Affiliate review is based on my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I was again searching the internet for a legitimate opportunity. I spent hours and hours researching and reading. I joined several sites hoping they would be the one, only to be discouraged again. I spent money I didn’t have foolishly. But I learned and Knowledge is power. I came across review after review of Wealthy Affiliate and never found a bad one. I even searched scam review sites and never saw this program mentioned anywhere. So I decided to try it and was amazed! Read on and I will share what I found.


Something for Everyone

Signing up and getting on the site was easy. It cost nothing. Just create an account and your in. That was the most beautiful thing to me. I was able to get in and look around at the training, interact in the community, all for nothing. Anybody, whether you are a newbie to this stuff or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for you.

There was lots of live action. You could ask questions in the Live Chat 24 hrs a day, or in one of the classrooms or just in general ask the community for help. There was always someone there to help. Believe it or not the owners welcomed me on my profile page the very first day. And it wasn’t a canned message, it was real! I even asked Kyle to look at my work and got a response in a couple hours. That’s right! One of the owners was helping me in my first couple days on something very simple. After looking around I found there were 1000’s of training modules, live training every week. The website builder was super easy to use and one of the most powerful platforms in the industry. You can access all this right out of the gate for nothing, just sign up and go! Amazing but true.

A True Community Project

community silhouettes

The enthusiasm on the site within the community is contagious. There are thousands of professionals and millionaires ready to help with everything. It is a truly pay it forward society. Even the owners are there on a daily basis commenting on peoples goals, answering questions and helping whoever asks. That’s one big advantage. Click here to see a recent question I asked with community response.

There is no other site like it in the world.

The website building area has its own 24/7 support and it’s quick. I asked a question and got a response within minutes. Now that’s unusual. I have had websites before and typically it took days for a response. So how elated do you think I was with a response within minutes. Another beautiful thing is it is Mobile compatible. I started with an iPad and an android phone(I had given up my computer because I was so discouraged). That feature means you can read the blogs, check on your questions and interact with the community no matter where you are! All you need is an internet connection or mobile 4g. I personally have the mobile wireless connection on my phone to make it so I can work anywhere!

Get The Training you need!

Whether you are new or a seasoned pro there is training for you! With over a thousand training modules offered in various forms you can’t go wrong. Look at this

  • Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training
  • Task Based Courses

These courses cover hundreds of ways you can make money online. And there will always be someone there to help.

classrooms at wealthy affiliate

Do you have to buy extra tools?

The answer is no. Your Wealthy Affiliate membership includes all the tools you will need to be a success online. And training on how to use them.

  •  Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

All built in to your membership at no extra cost. No upsells! No additional costs. Its all there waiting for you. So if you have a passion to be your own boss and carve a path of your own then here it is. Wealthy Affiliate!

Take your passion and turn it into a business. You don’t need a product of your own. You will be taught how to leverage the power of the internet to create a powerful and lasting business. If you don’t think you can come up with any ideas, Wealthy Affiliate has a structured program to get you on your way to independence. The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, Where you can learn to create a profitable business with lucrative residual income.

So how much does it cost?

Remember I said you could start for nothing.The Starter Membership is $0!  What have you got to lose, join here now!

Want to unleash the full power of the Wealthy Affiliate Program the Premium Membership is $49 a month. Or only $359 yearly.  Join Here

wealthy affiliate comparison chart

My Final Conclusion

There is no better program out there. This is a Top Rated real way to break into the internet market. A truly all inclusive program. I hope you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

wealthy affiliate ranking

Special bonus to free members who upgrade to Premium in the first seven days! 59% off First month ($19) plus I will be your one on one mentor!!!

wealthy affiliate banner

You can contact me with questions at dennis@bestinternetwork.com or just click on the replies at the top of the post and  leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, Dennis Darragh

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43 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Steve

    Hi Dennis,

    It was a pleasure reading your review. It’s very exciting to learn that Wealthy Affiliate is extremely focussed on service to their membership community. Personally, that’s more than enough of a deal-breaker and incentive to sign up with them. I was equally surprised at how reasonable their premium membership fees are, consider the purported value they add.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Your so right about the cost Steve! Also remember you can test drive the program for free before you have to spend a penny! Great incentive to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Charles Xavant

    There seems to be a lot of information to absorb but as it’s free to try out I’m not going to complain.
    My question is, do they manage to update and keep the training current at Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Charles, yes there is a lot information to digest. They are constantly updating the information and as the community interacts live you can usually find the most current answers. Due to the massive amount of training it is possible to come across a video that isn’t current as to it’s look but thge info is still pertinent. Reporting it to the owners will usually rectify that.
      thanks , Dennis

  3. Timothy Ray Moore


    Thank you for this great review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m a member of WA too and your right about them. They’re a great company. They’ve helped me so much in starting my own online business. There’s no one out there like them that I’ve found.

    The community is awesome in helping one another out and the owners are always active and very responsive if you ever need any kind of help. To me, it is better than any social site out there because the members are so helpful and communicate with you so well.

    The price to be a Premium member is like non existent compared to what you recieve for the price and like you said, you can always start for free and see if it’s a fit for you first.

    Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to improve my existing business 100%. I really can’t say enough to explain how much Kyle and Carson and all the folks there have helped me. It would have taken me about an extra 10 years to figure out how to run a successful business without them.

    You’ve done an excellent job with your website Dennis, to explain all the benefits of WA and I agree with all you’ve said. I’m so glad I found WA and have met great people like you too.

    Keep up the great work Dennis and we’ll talk to you later.


    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Timothy, Everything you said rings true! All of us at WA are lucky to have found such a wonderful place. I do believe anyone can make it with the right support and traing and Wealthy Affiliate has it all. Good luck to you!

  4. Melissa Moreno

    Hi Dennis, Its hard to believe anything is free anymore but this sounds like a great chance to try it out to see if it is something even I can do. I love the sound of having help 24/7 that is a big deal. Thanks for sharing I am going to give it a try!

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Melissa, Yes its amazing but true! You really can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. As a matter of fact I started for free. It didn’t take long for me to see the full advantages to premium membership so I went for it.Being able to test drive it was great and even better you can stay as a free member if you need to because of your budget and still have 2 free websites with support!

  5. Jules

    Hi Dennis,

    I’m also a very happy WA member and like you started out with a free starter membership. It didn’t take me long either to decide that going Premium was definitely the way to go so that I could fully commit to building my very own online business from scratch.

    I have learnt so much thanks to WA.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thank you Jules
      Yes WA is a great experience. They have all the tools and support that you would ever need.The best part is being able to test drive the program and experience the community for free! Then the premium membership is a no brainer!
      your friend

  6. Summerly

    Hi Dennis,
    Great review. You covered pretty much everything I think. I believe WA is a great place to learn and meet people and grow your site. The fact that it is free to start out is great too! Thanks for the review. It will certainly help other people to decided that going with WA is the right way to go!

  7. Judy

    Hi Dennis,

    This is an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. I especially like how you brought out the point that it is available on the smart phones since that is what most people use these days. I get all my emails on on my phone and answer questions, etc.

    Wealthy Affiliate is truly up-to-date and working for everyone.


  8. James

    Hi there, Dennis

    This Wealthy Affiliate thing? Is it really any good?

    I saw a review the other day and the reviewer was complainng that it takes a long time to start making money and he said he had to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money with them.

    Is this true? If so, it sounds like a ponzi or pyramid scheme and I won’t join.

    Let me know, please.


    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      That must have been someone who wants to get rich quick. Wealthy Affiliate tells everyone straight up that you have to work at this, it doesn’t just happen all the schemes that say you will make 5 or 10 thousand this month are lying.
      There is no requirement to promote wealthy affiliate. You can buils a website that is about your passions and your interests and learn how to monetize it and market it all at WA. I have been marketing on the internet since 1995 (oops dating myself) and Wealthy Affiliate is the best community for training and support that I have found and I have spent years and lots of money trying and losing many times. I do make money on the net. I have 2 sites at WA and both are generating revenue! So sign up for the free trial and check it out!
      any other questions just ask!
      sign up from a link on my page and I will be your 1 on 1 mentor and help you all along the way

  9. DennisD1

    Great review Dennis. I’ve been with WA starting my 3rd month and I can attest to everything you say. I came in completely green to internet marketing and website creation. Because of Kyle’s teaching and the community I have been able to create 2 websites. I had no idea I could. dennislovesmarketing.com and 30minuteworkweek.com.
    Thanks again for the great review.

  10. Wendy

    Hi Dennis I really enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate, you are straight to the point and really describe what it is all about. i am also a member and I must say you did an amazing job.

  11. Simon

    Legitimacy is the name of the game as your post starts which is going to become more prevalent as time moves on. Wealthy Affiliate only teach the legitimate way to run an online business deterring all members away from scam and spam techniques and that’s why it suits me down to the ground.

    Their training is very straightforward taken in basic steps one at a time making it possible for any newbie who has the determination and doesn’t mind a bit of hard work to get rolling with this course.

    The way the platform is designed around members helping, supporting and interacting gives everyone the possibility of becoming successful. All you have to do is connect and interact your way forward.

    Great review,

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      You’ve got it right Simon. Wealthy Affiliate is building entrepreneurs with respect and good business practices. Something that is missing with a lot of online business. As the public gets more savvy the honest sites will prevail!

  12. Randy

    Hi Dennis,

    You’ve done a great job here. I particularly like the way you have brought out the community aspect of WA. It truly is a great community where members show genuine concern for one another and desire to help others succeed as well. As a matter of fact, Wa is created so well that it is beneficial for us to help one another, and by doing so we also learn much more (just as I have by reviewing your site!) along the way.

    Best to you,

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thanks for the kind words and I agree about WA. I am constantly growing and learning and believe the community is the most valuable part of WA. It is setup so anyone at any pace can get along also.
      see you around the community!

  13. Joan Lawrence

    Hi Dennis,
    This was interesting reading and great information about Wealthy Affiliate. It is really important to have the support and help of a great community.
    Thank you for you post.

  14. Joel Breault

    I too use Wealthy Affiliate for my websites, it’s a great place to start and grow your business, very thing you need to make money online is at WA. I recommend it to everyone I talk to.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Sounds great Joel. Glad to have you aboard at WA. You are right that there is something for everybody at WA. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. The word of mouth is a great tool for gaining referrals too!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Steve

    Great review! I’m very impressed with the WA community. It makes all the difference in the world when you have support from fellow entrepreneurs looking to help each other out

  16. Anna

    I agree with your review 100 percent . WA does work and it is a really good course in online business.. If you were to take similar course face to face you’d pay thousands. Plus all the website hosting options as well
    Definitely worth doing

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Glad you agree. I have found WA to be a treasure chest of knowledge and would recommend it to anyone! I already have been spending more per year in the past on hosting and tools and education so the financial benefits are great!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Carl (Gunnertwist)

    Hi Dennis

    Very nice site! I found the information informative and presented in a way that is easy to understand even if you have zero internet experience. the site overall really good and I particulary like some of your pics u have used to show how some of the software actually looks. A couple of words left out here and there but overall I really like it. Great job!

    carl (gunnertwist)


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