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Kyle and Family n now there’s a baby too

It’s a New Year so I figured I would do a new Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017 as there have been some changes. The owners are still Kyle and Carson.

Carson owner wealthy affiliate

Carson and Family






Real People

They are always available to the premium members on the WA platform. You can private message them or you will find them answering questions in live chat or commenting on community questions and blogs. They are dedicated family men who hit on a great niche and have exploited it to everyone’s benefit.

Name – Wealthy Affiliate
Website –
Owners – Kyle and Carson
Price – 0$ Starter / $49 mo Premium
Overall Rating – 98 out of 100 (Legit)

The Community

I can’t say enough about the community. The people are awesome! Always willing to help out if you’re stuck! I have the habit of working late into the night and there is always somebody hanging out in the Live Chat that is willing to give you their opinion or point you in the right direction to the proper training! I have made many virtual friends at Wealthy Affiliate and many have opened my eyes to new an innovative marketing techniques and helped me sort out the ins and outs of website creation. The intricacies of internet marketing are constantly changing and evolving and it takes a lot of concentration to keep up.

No pressure, No upsells period!

There are only two levels. The FREE starter level and the Premium level. There is never any pressure to upgrade and if you want to remain as Free Member and retain your two free websites hosted here at wealthy Affiliate then you can. If you upgrade to premium, which most people do to really get a feel for it, you get to host 50 websites. Yes you saw that right 50 websites!.
Only one choice free or premium.
Upgrade to premium in the 7 day trial period and get your first month for $19, a savings of $30.
For me it was a no brainer and I’ll tell ya about it later.
Don’t get me wrong here. It is not for everybody. This is no get rich quick scheme and takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. It can be mastered by anyone with the right mindset though. There is training on every facet of the business.

One Choice

There is even a yearly savings plan for $359. Considerable discount. If you join now I will have a couple bonus’s for you! The biggest freebie will be that I will be there personally for you also
1 on 1!


One major change that came around with the New year is the FREE SSL encryption for premium members websites. That’s where you see the Lock up in the address bar of the website. Https as opposed to http also. This is a sign that the site is secure.

A major advantage over many  other sites as Google and other search engines are starting to favor the secure sites in the search results as it is a better experience for the users! It also lets your visitors know that they are safe in viewing your site and there isn’t any malware associated with you. It also opens the door for eCommerce stores to be hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Another huge advantage. I know a couple members who have been here longer than me and have had stores hosted elsewhere waiting for this upgrade. If you are going to handle the payments yourself you need the SSL Certificate.

New Profile Look

In 2017 the  profiles all have a new look and badges have been added for the accomplishments you achieve and the work you are doing! You can track your followers and who you are following much easier now! Your website links and social sites can be listed on the profile as links so the community can access them easier for commenting and feedback. Followers get notifications of when you post a Wealthy Affiliate blog or ask a question and in turn you get notifications when someone you follow posts a blog or asks a question. The community is very interactive. One drawback is the community becomes addictive. Ranking shows how active you are in the community, answering questions, posting blogs and being available in Live Chat to help.  I just saw another member refer to it as the Facebook of affiliate marketing! 😉 It’s great!
Click the image to see my whole profile at Wealthy Affiliate

Awesome Training

Wealthy Affiliate still provides the most comprehensive internet training out there. It is a one stop community! There are member created training modules as well as the Certification courses and the world class Bootcamp!  Whether it’s social marketing, PPC, organic search, website creation. video marketing or anything else you can think of you can find training on it at WA! Or a community member might know where to find it! There is even live training webinars for the premium members every week! Most of the member created training can be leveraged as a marketing tool making the whole community a special marketing tool for all! Where else in the world would they be so accommodating as to let you leverage thousands of training modules for the same one low price? simply unheard of except at WA!

Will You Have to Buy any Other Tools?

All the tools you need to get going are right there on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. SiteRubix website builder, Keyword search tool, Rapid Writer Content tool and thousands of WordPress Themes and Plugins to choose from! Of course once you get rolling there are some other things you might want but they are not essential to get you up and running and off toward a change in your financial and personal freedom! Everybody has their favorite tools. I personally go with whats available for free but that’s just me! You can even find WA blogs and training modules along with member websites reviewing the most popular tools!
Here’s a look at the WA keyword tool!

Unsurpassed Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate has a grand server capacity to host up to 50 websites for every premium member and handle thousands of free members sites also. There is a 24/7 support unit for premium members. I have used them several times and they are quick. Most of my support tickets have been answered in less than a half hour. Unheard of! I have been involved with at least a half dozen hosting companies thru the years and most of them have turnaround times of days not minutes. And to have SSL(secure socket layer) certificates included is just awesome! All of your sites can be accessed in one place! Just think of what it would cost to host 50 websites anywhere else. I would quote you some prices but why don’t you go check it out and see for yourself. Then come back and join me on this journey!

Community Feedback

There is a special area in the platform where members can exchange feedback and comments on their websites helping to create activity on your website. It is a give and take system and participation creates that ever needed activity. We all know that Google, Bing and all the other search engines love activity! The more the better. Whats better than feedback from seasoned pros and people who are very successful in this market.


Here is what some of the members are saying

My favorite is a guy named Dom. It’s great because he is real and jumps in Live Chat all the time to help out the newbies struggling or the old pro’s that are confused! Yeah it happens to all of us! No man is an island! Somebody said that and it’s true. We all benefit from our interaction on the platform. You don’t know how many times I had a question and when I typed it in the search I found that lots of people had the same questions so all I had to do was look at the answers.
Here’s a link to one of his success stories!

For more great success stories just sign up for free and type “success stories” in the WA search bar and you will find lots!

My Humble Opinion

So for what its worth, take it from an active website builder, blogger and marketer this is the place to be! The one stop shop for all your needs to be on your way to personal and financial freedom! I know that my journey here has been truly rewarding. I have built 2 sites that are creating revenue and I have branched out into offering my newfound abilities learned at Wealthy Affiliate as a consultant. Another revenue stream.  In all my efforts on the world wide web in the last 22 years I have found nothing as complete as WA. And to be getting the education by participating in the WA community just far surpasses any of the piles of PDF files and ebooks that I have invested in thru the years  I hope this Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017 has intrigued you and will help you make a decision about you and your families future!

It’s all up to you! Taking Action is the only you will succeed or even give yourself a chance to.

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