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What is a Keyword Tool About

To know the answer to, “what is a keyword tool about” ,  you need to jump in and use onkeyword descriptione. Explaining it isn’t enough to say the least. It is so much easier to get a feel for it hands on. There
are many that offer free trials and others that are free altogether. We’ll get into that later. First off we need to know what a keyword is.

Focal Point

In relation to writing an article to be used in a website it is an integral part of composing the content. You need to use the keyword as your focal point. There are various ways to accomplish this. It does not have to be a single word. It can be a phrase. That is the way I go about it. Some people write an article then search for keywords or keyword phrase and then try to fit them in. Personally I find it easier to write about a phrase that I have chosen after searching for appropriate phrases on the subject I would like to write about.

Keyword Tools

That is where the keyword tool itself comes into play. The actual tool will give you information relating to how much the term or word is searched for and how much traffic it gets. Another important piece of information is the competition level for your chosen word or phrase. Looking at the list generated by a keyword tool will also give you more inspiration on the subject you are approaching. It also gives you an idea what people are looking for. To get started you can just type the subject you are looking to write about into google and you will see what terms related to it people are searching for.

google search

Then you would go to the keyword tool itself and plug in your term and check out the information. This information is vital to writing something that people are looking for!
Here are screenshots of two different keyword tools looking for the same phrase. The information returned is exactly the same except that some tools give you more. First you’ll see two free tools then the third shows how much more you can get from a premium tool.

Wealthy Affiliate free keyword tool.wealthy affiliate Free keyword tool

Jaaxy Free Keyword ToolJaaxy free keyword tool

Jaaxy Premium Enterprise  Keyword ToolPremium Jaaxy keyword tool







The Results

What you really want to look at is how much traffic the word or phrase gets, how much it is searched for and then the competition it has. QSR is an algorithm that give you a quantitative result of the competition. The higher the number the more competition there is. Some tools will also give you an idea where you can rank on google with the term. This kind of research can make or break the success of your article writing.

Read my review of Jaaxy HERE!

Other Uses

There are other uses for keyword tools also. They can be used for domain name searching if you want to zero in on a small tight niche with a keyword phrase for your domain name. Or if you want to into the business of buying domains to put up for sale which is a business all in itself! The Jaaxy tool will give you terms to brainstorm all of this. With the premium version you can check your rankings on a regular basis for you website itself and the articles you write.

There are so many free keyword tools out there and just as many premium ones. Google has a free tool. So does Amazon and YouTube just to mention a few. If you can afford it there are many choices that you can shop for. I personally would recommend Jaaxy as it has one of the best reputations on the net! A plus is you can try it for free.

Get Training

A great place to get training on the use of keywords is Wealthy Affiliate University. There is a free keyword tool available there on the community website. It is a great way to get a feel for the use of these tools. Especially as you can join for free and try out the services and see what its all about. Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop community that provides training, support, website hosting, live chat and much more. See my review on it. CLICK HERE

wealthy affiliate university

So I hope that I have give you some basic insight into the question, what is a keyword tool about? Now all you have to do is take action and try it out!! That’s right, the key to being successful at anything is to take action. Go ahead and try Jaaxy or even join Wealthy Affiliate. Both are free to try!

If you are ready for a premium tool Get Jaaxy Enterprise here!

jaaxy logo


Can you guess what my keywords were for this article?

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14 thoughts on “What is a Keyword Tool About

  1. Scott

    I really like the layout of this post. I enjoyed the information and found it very easy even for someone like myself to understand and keep up. I have seen the keyword tool at Jaaxy before, I am actually using it now as part of a free trial. I had no idea though that YouTube and Google had a free one, although I should have guessed. Great post, thank you!

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts and remember to be open to all the things around us. The technology is flying and it is hard to keep up. But just take it as it comes. Do what you can and stay determined and you will succeed!


  2. Chris

    Nice post, thanks for the information. I have started articles both ways, first by writing it then inserting keywords and by starting with the keyword then writing. Not sure which way I like better yet. Do you just use Jaaxy now or do you use a combination of sites to narrow things down?

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      I only seem to use Jaaxy for checking on things like rankings and such. I am using it more and more though. I am hooked on the ease of use of the WA Tool. I find it returns the same QSR as Jaaxy so out of habit I just go there! Writing good content is the hardest part and takes time! Jaaxy Enterprise does have the best info though overall!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Steven Martin

    Thanks for the info. I use the free keyword tools at WA quite a bit. Very useful. Jaxxy is quite a bit quicker and gives more info will probably upgrade in the future as I have use most of my free searches already.
    One of the most important tools to have when it comes to building websites and I haven’t found a better option yet than this offer.

  4. Benito Semommung


    This is a good review of Jaaxy Keword Research tool. This post is quite insightful and engaging to the new visitor to your site. Overall, site is easy to read and navigate with a lot of content which is what Google is interested in.

    Wishing all the best of luck.


  5. Moon

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for this comprehensive intro to keyword tools, didn’t know there are so many useful ones. I like seeing the pictures you added in this post as it gives me an insight into how the keyword tool actually works. I’m guessing the keyword you use here is “What is a Keyword Tool About” as I saw it several times in your post. Do winners get a prize? Haha, just joking, have a great day!

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Yes you got it! Now you’re off to search for the right words for you! You win being able to ask me anything you want!
      Glad you found the info helpful. Visuals are a big help to me also!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Jennifer

    Hi Dennis

    Thank you for this detailed article about the importance of keyword search tools.
    I use the Jaaxy keyword tool and find it hard to imagine writing articles without it.
    It is truly amazing and saves me a lot of research time.

  7. Michael

    Thank you sir for explaining what is the keyword tool about.
    I am glad I learnt that there are more than just a Google Keyword Planner.

    That gives me a perspective.

  8. Stella

    Hi Dennis
    I have a love hate relationship with Keywords and Jaaxy, but it gets easier and more comfortable the more I use it.
    At the moment I am starting to explore play around getting familiar.
    Thank you for explaining and giving us options in helping to write better posts. On your advice I found a new domain name.
    I have tried both ways, finding keywords to write my post first or writing my post first and then find related keywords and convert the sentence to fit. I find the latter easier, it gives me more freedom to write and then afterwards find the best phrase for the concept.
    As a newby this is valuable thank you!
    Bush Lady.

    1. Dennis Darragh Post author

      Ah yes !~~! The Keyword Conundrum. Just remember that the rule of them is your keyword in the title , in the first 180 words and the last 180 words.

      Nowadays getting a good keyword(which I believe is two words) that has a normal QSR built up to a long tail keyword (phrase) that has great QSR so you can land on page one with the longtail and still be seen in the thousands of searches of that normal keyword.

      And I still go both ways as I haven’t developed enough FOCUS to sometimes take a topic and write 1200 words about it lol

      onward n upward


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