Using your mobile devices in an online business can be a great tool. Being able to connect to your business from anywhere has some advantages. It gives you the ability to be wherever you want to be. Personal Freedom! Going mobile with your business is the future!home based office

I believe that mobile phones and tablets are the future. Already everybody is connected. Go out anywhere and you will see people using their phones or tablets in the most remote spots (as long as there is signal). I recently went to a Jazz Festival and there were people from all generations using their devices to record, take pictures and yes, make calls. Go to the supermarket and everyone is using a mobile phone for something. You can do comparison shopping, have your coupons downloaded to the phone and be paperless, have your shopping list on there and even use the calculator to stay on budget.

Being an online entrepreneur this gives me a strategic advantage that I can keep up with emails, messages and comments on my websites. I like to work whenever I want to wherever I am at the moment. Keeping current with daily activities on my websites is very important. I use social media to promote my business’s and all of them have mobile apps that allow you to engage followers at the spur of the devices connect

At this point in time I feel that mobile devices are a great tool. They are not meant for money making platforms. Sure you can take surveys or watch videos but there are not any good money making apps out there yet. I’m definitely keeping my eyes open though. And I feel that opportunities like surveys and such are not great money makers even if you pursue them from your laptop or desk computer.

There are apps like dropboxblue_dropbox logo, google drivegoogle drive logo and google docs that allow you to access all your information remotely. Real convenient!

And there are office apps that let you create documents. There are even apps that let you customize your photos for use in social media or on a website.woman thinking

Some tasks like website building are done much more easily from a laptop or desktop computer. But updating the websites with media and new information is easily accomplished with a mobile phone or tablet. I actually use my tablet with a hotspot on my phone sometimes because the tablet gives me a larger format to work with. My laptop is a little bulky for some places like the beach or out on the boat.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and their platform works pretty good on my mobile devices. I can participate in the Live Chat and watch the training videos along with keeping tabs on and helping my referrals. If you are looking to create an online business for yourself give Wealthy Affiliate a look. Its FREE to join and you can use all the Premium services for 7 days to see if its for you. You can even remain as a free member and have 2 free websites for life. Check it out!

Affiliate marketing could be the answer to your desires to be financially and personally FREE! Check out my other articles on affiliate marketing and blogging.

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