This is an important update on the state of United Games!

As I promised here is whats going on.


Affiliate enrollment is paused indefinitely!

Here is a copy of the email from the company


We have a few important announcements for you so please read carefully!



UGF Program
We are excited to announce that our United Games Fundraising Program has officially launched! If you’re interested in becoming a UGF Affiliate, please click on the “UGF” tab found in your Locker Room to learn more information about the program and to join.

PLEASE NOTE:  This UGF enrollment is specific to those desiring to work with K-12 fundraising!  Private organizations and charities can participate by contacting us at

We are NOT Gambling
We have received a tremendous number of inquiries about the state of our game and why it is not considered gambling.  We want to take a moment and provide a detailed explanation that should help you.

In order for a game to be considered gambling, three criteria MUST be present, and it MUST contain all three.

1. Consideration:  payment in money, time, or anything of value in order to participate

2. Prize:  a prize of tangible value offered in conjunction with the prediction or game outcome

3. Game of Chance vs Game of Skill:  the determination of if a game requires skill or chance in order to win.

Let’s talk about consideration.  We do have a FREE play option, but we also have the option to pay to play and that is consideration.  So we have that one.

How about game of skill?  While it can be argued that if you are better at sports or you know your team you will likely perform better in the game, it can also be argued that sports are always a game of chance because you cannot know the outcome.  So we cannot rely on game of skill.

But what about prizes?  This is where it gets simple….we don’t have them.  Our game does not have prizes associated with the prediction or outcome of a game.  Much like the more popular mobile games played today, players are awarded points for their performance and those points give them in-app benefits and value in the game, as well as recognition and rankings so they can compete to be the best.

Our game also contains a loyalty rewards program that is based on participation and purchasing.  This is not unlike your local restaurant that gives you your 10th meal free because you had nine punches on the punch card!  When someone participates in this game, whether they pay or play for FREE, they receive loyalty rewards.  When they spend money in the game, purchasing Tokens, they receive loyalty rewards.  This rewards program has tangible items like hats, t-shirts, socks, gift cards, travel, and more that are available for redemption.  But this is NOT connected to the prediction or outcome of the game in any way – it is not a prize.

This affirms that we now have two out of three elements, but never ALL three, therefore, we are NOT gambling any more than your other casual games that you play where you can purchase virtual currency (consideration) and play a game (chance or skill) but you get points, not prizes.


Great things are happening here at United Games and we appreciate all of your hard work.

Please help us spread this word so that the correct information is being shared. We do not want this information to shock or surprise anyone, so please start relaying this information to your teams so that we are all on the same page and are prepared for these upcoming changes.


UG Marketing Team

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